Does My Teen Driver Need Their Own Auto Insurance Policy?

One of the proudest (and most terrifying) moments of a parent’s life is when they watch their newly-minted 16-year-old get their driver’s license. While they’re eager to start cruising around town without parental supervision, as parents, you’re likely more focused on safety and insurance coverage.

One of the most frequent questions we hear concerns whether a teen driver needs their own insurance policy in Tampa, FL. While many people choose to add their children to their policy, there are two big reasons why you might want to get them their own: you’ll protect your own policy if they get into an accident, and it will better set them up for getting their own auto insurance when they move out.

Protect your policy from rate hikes

Teen drivers are the most likely group to get into an accident or get a ticket—they’re new to driving, are often nervous and tend to take more risks than adult drivers. If your kid gets into an accident while they’re on your policy, you can expect a big rate hike for everyone else on the policy. If you’ve spent the last few decades driving safely, your rates are going to be a lot lower than a teen’s—one accident could undo all that good faith you’ve built, for everyone in the family.

Think of it this way: if you put your young driver on your insurance in Tampa, FL, you risk paying two or more high premiums rather than just one. Financially, it makes much more sense to get your teen driver their own policy.

Give your teen driver a head start on adulthood

The other major reason to get a separate policy is that it will help your child make their first steps toward adulthood. By getting your teen driver their own policy while their driving record is still clean, you’ll get a better first rate for their policy—which means it will be cheaper and easier for them to get a plan when they buy their own car or try to get other types of insurance.

If your child gets into an accident or gets numerous tickets while they’re still on your plan, you’ll suffer rate hikes—and they’ll have a much harder time getting their own insurance plan at a reasonable price when it’s time to strike out on their own. On the plus side, though, if they’re careful, safe drivers, they’ll already be working their way toward a lifetime of lower premiums.

In short, getting your teen driver their own insurance policy in Tampa, FL is a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you really want to save on insurance, see if your child will get a discount for completing safe driver courses. Many insurance companies offer incentives for education and safe driving, especially among teens.

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