Car Insurance for Low-Income Families

Everyone who drives a vehicle is looking for cheap auto insurance, but low-income auto insurance in Tampa, FL isn’t just being handed out at the corner store. You’ve got to be smart about finding great deals. Sometimes it feels like there may not be any affordable options, but that’s not always the case. You can customize your insurance to fit your needs, from the type of coverage and what options you need to your need to keep the cost low.

For those of us who don’t have a cousin or friend to help guide us through the complicated web of car insurance coverage, here are some tips for finding car insurance for low-income families and individuals.

Get a new insurance quote each year

Even if you have a great rate, it’s smart to shop around for car insurance on a yearly basis. There are many reasons this is a good idea.

If you continue to maintain a good driving record, insurance companies may reward you with a lower rate. Plus, there may have been changes to the law in your area that allows some companies to offer cheaper auto insurance in Tampa, FL. Failing that, there may be new insurance companies since last time you checked, with better rates.

You might be the one who’s changed, too. Your life situation can affect your insurance rates, depending a number of factors, including:

  • Number of drivers in your family
  • Number of vehicles on your policy
  • Type of vehicle
  • Combination with renters or homeowners insurance
  • Accident or DUI
  • Change in credit score

Check your coverage—is everything on it necessary?

Typically, the less a car is worth, the cheaper the insurance will be for it. This is because the cost of repairs is probably not going to be very high, or the insurance company will offer you a check for the value of the car if that cost is less than that of repairing it after an accident.

Still, sometimes it feels like the insurance we pay is more than the car is worth—and that may not be too far from the truth. If your vehicle is worth less than $4,000, it’s probably not worth paying for comprehensive and collision coverage. And if a vehicle is not being driven for long periods of time, or if it’s in storage, there may be more affordable options available.

Consider paying out of pocket

Even though you’re paying for insurance, which is designed to cover costs associated with auto accidents, sometimes it might turn out to be cheaper to pay out of pocket instead of filing a claim. You still need to report the accident to your insurance company, but if the cost of repair is less than your deductible, it makes sense to just pay for it yourself. Especially if it’s a minor incident like backing into a garbage can or nicking the bumper on a tree, look into handling it on your own. Remember, your insurance rate will probably go up every time you file a claim.

To learn more about car insurance for low-income drivers in Tampa, FL, call Star Insurance Quotes today.