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At Star Insurance Quotes, we believe everyone should have access to cheap auto insurance. Unfortunately, we know how difficult it can be to come by—especially if your driving history isn’t the best. It’s why we go out of our way to bring Tampa, FL drivers some of the most affordable car insurance options! We make sure you’re getting the best of both low premiums and broad coverages, so you can feel safe and confident every time you get behind the wheel.

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We do what other cheap car insurance companies can’t: bring no-strings-attached auto policies to every person. In fact, we specialize in working with the cases that other insurers turn away!

  • Teen drivers: Just because you’re a new driver doesn’t mean you should automatically pay high premiums. We help teens and their parents find low-cost coverage options, so they’re not penalized before they even start driving. Not only do we make it easy for parents to quickly get their teens covered, our rates are affordable enough that teens can pay for their own policy and take responsibility for their driving habits.
  • Accident records: Most auto insurance policies skyrocket after an accident, and it’s hard to find affordable coverage for years. If you’ve got an accident or two lingering on your driving record, we can help. We bring affordable policies to Tampa, FL drivers with lackluster records to help them reestablish their record without paying exorbitant costs. Accident forgiveness isn’t something you’ll find with traditional insurance policies!
  • Poor credit: Your credit can play a big part in determining insurance rates. Bankruptcy, collections and past-due accounts can drive your premiums up, making it hard to pay for much-needed car insurance. We understand how hard it can be to dig yourself out from under a mountain of debt or credit problems, which is why we help you find low-cost car insurance.

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