Meet The Agents at Star Insurance


Byron Johnson

Byron Johnson is the CEO and founder of Star Insurance. Byron acquired his 2-20 property & casualty and 2-15 health, life, and annuities license. Byron grew Star Insurance from a one-man operation to a fully staffed insurance agency.


Renea Phelps

Renea Phelps is another one of the first agents to join Star Insurance and is also an office supervisor. Renea is an intricate part of the agency as she handles renewals and is a key part of our customer retention. Renea has exceptional customer service skills and has been imperative to the agency’s success.


Marie Litvnchyk

Marie Litvnchyk is an agent and has been with the agency since 2016. Marie began in our retention department and was so successful that she was promoted to sales in 2019. Marie’s work ethic and drive are paramount and she has been a tremendous help in growing our agency.


Brandi Creek

Brandi Creek is a licensed 4-40 CSR and has been with our agency since 2017. Brandi is one of our top producing agents and has been a catapult in our overall sales. Brandi has always been consistent in her work ethic and has been recognized on numerous occasions for leading our agency in sales and other metrics. Brandi is a self-driven sales agent that continues to show promise and ambition to be one of the best. Brandi is highly motivated and is consistently recognized by our clients for demonstrating superior customer service skills. Brandi’s work ethic is unmatched and time and time again she proves to be a leader for our agency.


Reginald Jean-Charles

Reginald Jean-Charles is the Star Insurance office manager and has worked side by side with Byron to establish and grow Star Insurance into the agency it is today. Reginald oversees the day to day operations of the agency and manages the current staff.


April Hutchins

April Hutchins is a highly skilled CSR and 2-15 life, health, and annuities agent. She has been with the agency for 2 years and is a key component of the agency’s success. April’s insurance knowledge and customer service skills are highly recognized and recommended by our clients.


Dominique Lee

Dominique Lee is one of the first agents to join the Star Insurance team and is now the agency’s head supervisor. He has his 4-40 CSR license and his 2-15 life, health, and annuities license. Dominique has superior customer service skills is a key component to the agency’s longevity and success.


Karina Rodriguez

Karina Rodriguez has been with us since 2018 and is an agent. Karina is bilingual and has helped our agency as she is hard-working, dependable, and highly motivated. Karina is always available to help others and takes pride in being a supportive team member.

Sophia Glemaud

Sophia Glemaud

Sophia Glemaud is both a 4-40 CSR and licensed 2-15 Life, Health, and Annuities agent. Sophie has worked with the agency over the last 4 years and is well versed in all aspects of our operation. Sophie is skilled in several areas and is a team member with exceptional customer service skills. Sophie’s knowledge of insurance has helped our agency tremendously as she is a highly versatile agent and can help wherever needed.

Stanley Gustave

Stanley Gustave

Stanley Gustave is a licensed 4-40 CSR and has been working within our company for the last 3 years. Stan has experience writing sales and also with our retention department. Stan is hardworking, dependable, and brings so many great attributes to our agency. Stan continues to show drive and ambition to further his career at our agency and continues to demonstrate superior customer service for our clients. Stan is always willing to take on new responsibilities and tasks and continues to excel within the operation.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a licensed 4-40 CSR that has been with our agency since 2016. Mike has transitioned from several positions and his work ethic continues to show drive and dedication. Mike is hardworking, dependable, and experienced and is always willing to learn new things and take on new tasks within our agency. Mike has been recognized by our clients for having great customer service skills and is always held in high regard when working with others.